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Amanda Cassar™

Amanda is a writer, dreamer, author, blogger, regular traveler, business owner, friend, mother, wife and philanthropist. She loves good food, great wine, the company of her friends and family and a fabulous pair of heels. She totally believes that life is meant to be lived and has trekked the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest in Uganda to see the endangered Mountain Gorillas, has gone scuba diving from Lake Malawi to the Cook Islands and is currently working on getting her motorbike licence.

Amanda is also the sole Director of Wealth Planning Partners, a financial advisory firm and Trusted Aged Care Services, helping families navigate the maze of Aged Care. She is a proud supporter of the financial services industry and a champion for raising financial literacy levels.

Amanda is a member of four industry organisations, and has voluntarily taken the Banking and Finance Oath. Along with being a Premium Member and event partner with Business Chicks, she is a proud supporter of the charities The Hunger Project and Hands Across the Water. People often ask ‘how do you do it?’ And the truth is, with a great support network of friends, family and team.

Amanda Cassar is the co-founder and sole director of Wealth Planning Partners. She enjoys providing advice on Self Managed Super Funds and Risk mitigation strategies. When she’s not flitting around the world; learning or speaking at a Conference or out supporting The Hunger Project, she’s likely singing to herself somewhere or pottering around in the vegie patch, working on the next tomato or sweet potato harvest.

Amanda has been involved in the Finance and Insurance Industry since 1991. Amanda’s particular passion is making sure all families have adequate Risk Protection strategies in place and then look to Wealth Creation for their future, with a view to Retiring in Style!


Financial Secrets Revealed

The podcast is based on Amanda Cassar’s book: Financial Secrets Revealed and asks people from all walks of life about their money journey. Whether surviving on Government pensions; or thriving with multi-million dollar enterprises or running global charities; Amanda wanted to go behind the scenes and unveil the financial secrets behind the people

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Ep #253

Sponsored by @HUB24_Ltd

Amanda is a Director at Wealth Planning Partners. She joins Fraser to talk about how to spot the red flags of financial abuse, what inspired her to pen her book “Financial Secrets Revealed” and why she’s turning it into a podcast.

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Amanda’s Educational Qualifications

Completed Advanced Diploma of Financial Planning course (ADFP) at Deakin University

Master of Financial Planning from University of Sunshine Coast (MFP)

ACS Accredited Aged Care Specialisttm

SMSF Specialist AdvisorTM (SSA)


Amanda’s Memberships

Practitioner Member of the Association of Financial Advisers (AFA)

Associate Practitioner of the Financial Planning Association of Australia (AFP®)

SMSF Specialist AdviserTM of the Self Managed Super Fund Association (SMSFA)

Member of the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT)


Awards, Nominations and Achievements


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